Looking for a way to cut down on your monthly expenses? There is no better time than now to find ways to save money! Here are 6 easy ways to reduce your expenses now:


1. Shop homeowners insurance, car insurance, and other insurance. 

Consider getting a free quote to lower your monthly payments. This is one of those items that typically increase annually. We have a great partner who can help you shop for these services. Please call or text Carol at 215.519.6304 for more information. 


2. Consider mortgage refinance. 

Interest rates are at a 60 year low. Speak to your mortgage lender and compare interest rates to see if it makes the best financial sense for you. We can also connect you with our local, preferred lender who would be happy to help explore your options. Please call or text Carol at 215.519.6304 for more information. 


3. Cancel magazine and online subscriptions. 

Take inventory of your recurring subscriptions and decide what you can do without. Remember, you can always resume your memberships when things go back to normal. You also might find you don’t miss what you gave up. This can include entertainment/home/cooking magazines, Spotify Premium, movie theater subscriptions, paid apps, and more. It might seem like small amounts of money but when you add it all together, you could be saving hundreds each month!


4. Evaluate your cable plan. 

Today, many alternatives besides your regular, expensive cable plan exist to stream your favorite TV shows. Consider services such as Hulu, ESPN+, Netflix, Prime Video, or Disney+. These services cost less than $60 monthly and only require internet access. 


5. Review your cell phone plan. 

We, of course, don’t recommend ditching your phone plan overall, but exploring your phone plan options can help eliminate services you don’t use. Speak with your phone service provider to adjust your plan that will still accommodate your usage. 


6. Cut down on energy use. 

Spending more time at home means more energy usage. You can cut back by unplugging appliances when not in use, turn off the heat dry function of your dishwasher, turn off your refrigerator’s ice maker, set a sleep timer on your TV, consolidate laundry to avoid running small loads and turn off lights not in use.