There’s a big milestone coming up!


Next Thursday, 6/18/2020…






Birthday’s are good for you.


Studies show that people who have more birthdays, live longer!

Happy 70th Ron.

You are one caring and beautiful soul who always

 Brings happiness and laughter

There is no one as special as you

May you feel love by all those around you!


We invite you to call and/or text Ron Happy Birthday wishes on 6/18/2020!

He absolutely loves talking with friends, family, and clients.

Hearing from you would make his birthday extra special!

You can reach Ron at 267-408-2306.


We also invite you to pop by our home and honk to say Happy Birthday!

We will be home all day and would love to see your cheerful faces!

Olivia can provide you with our address if you email her at


Thank you for helping make Ron’s day one to remember!