The Ron Young Team is hiring a Transaction Coordinator. We are looking for a ROCKSTAR!
This missing ROCKSTAR is intelligent, motivated and has a high level of integrity.
We need someone who is fast paced, has a positive outlook, people love working with them, they’re very competent, very talented and they get the job done on time and the list goes on…
So who comes to mind when we say our missing person is…
  • Detailed oriented
  • Loves working on solving problems
  • Adept to details in spreadsheets, checking numbers
  • And also very adept in client interaction and making customers happy
Essential Duties:
  • Provide exceptional client service throughout the entire closing process
  • Make life easier for clients every step of the way
Core Responsibilities: 
  • Act as liaison between real estate agents, clients, attorneys, title companies, and mortgage brokers during the process of a real estate sale and effectively manage the administrative tasks involved in closing a sale
  • Create timelines and follow up with individuals as needed to ensure all deadlines are met and contingencies are released
  • Excellent at building rapport
  • People oriented
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Learning based
  • Willing to learn scripts and dialogues
  • High school graduate
  • Real estate license


Contact our Operations Manager, Olivia Fullerton, at 717-683-2337 or  to learn more about this exciting opportunity!